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Steering Committee

Since the award of the “University Suitably for Families Audit” certificate, a so-called Steering Committee at the KIT has been engaged in implementing a variety of measures to ensure compatibility of work, university studies, and family. The Committee is composed of representatives of a variety of administrative units as well as members of the Presidential Committee and student representatives. Regular meetings are held to keep track of the work on topical subjects. This policy produces results quickly.

At the beginning of re-auditing in June 2014, new targets and measures were worked out which must now be put into effect by the KIT. The Steering Committee was re-established specifically in the light of these requirements. At present, the persons listed below are members of the Committee:  

  • Christine von Vangerow, Vice President, HR and Law
  • Prof. Alexander Wanner, Vice President, Teaching and Academic Affairs
  • Sarah Wenz, Head of fgh Audit project
  • Ernst Aumüller, PEBA, Head, Executives and Top Management Team (Deputy, Sabrina Heinze)
  • Dr. Britta Bergfeldt, Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Iris Buchmann, Studierendenwerk, Head of the International Student Center (Deputy, Laura Oprea)
  • Prof. Roland Dittmeyer, Head, Institute of Microprocess Technology (Deputy, Dr. Katja Haas-Santo)
  • Stefanie Drechsler, PSE (Deputy, Dorothee Mühlenberg)
  • Justus Hartlieb, SEK (Deputy, Regina Link)
  • Sabrina Heinze, PEBA, Head of Service & Organisation, (Deputy,
    Ernst Aumüller)
  • Heike Hilkert, Head, University Law and Academic Affairs (Deputy, Antje Klostermann)
  • Diana Jäckel, Head RSM (Deputy, N.N.)
  • Dr. Michael Kleinschmidt, Head, FOR,(Deputy, Dr. Carina Marten)
  • N.N., Equal Opportunities AStA
  • Dr. Klaus Rümmele, INTL, Head International Communication (Deputy, N.N.)
  • Sylvia Schmidt, Studierendenwerk, Head, Culture, International and Social Affairs (Deputy, Ulrike Spitz)
  • Karin Schmurr, Center for Information and Counselling (zib) (Deputy, N.N.)
  • Eva Wiegner, Staff Council (Deputy, Sabine Berker)