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General information

New arrangements for fathers and nursing employees

To improve the reconcilability of family and working life of men and women, new Europe-wide arrangements were concluded in January 2019. Fathers will be able to apply for a paternity leave after birth with a minimum of 10 days that will be payed amounting to the sickness benefit.

Furthermore, nursing employees will have the opportunity to apply for a carers leave of 5 days / year.
Moreover, parental leave will be increased to 4 months for each parent, 2 months will not be transferable and will be paid.
Here you can read more about the new arrangements.

New studies according health of men

In these recent studies of the World Health Organisation (WHO) one can read about results and backgrounds of the difference in life expectancy between men and women. At the end of the article, you will also find so called „key actions“ that suggest institutional changes to improve the health of men and women in the future.
The current report „Who Self-Cares, Wins“ of the Global Action on Men’s Health (GAMH) puts men and selfcare- as a global topic- in focus and clarifies recent results and backgrounds.

Podcast "Drei Väter"

In this Podcast, the journalists Markus Dichmann, Jonas Leppin und Axel Rahmlow talk about parental topics like parental leave, childcare and more. Here you can listen to one of their episodes.

General information

Unlike mothers fathers rarely take advantage of the possibilities they have to combine job and family. They have got the impression, that their employer doesn't like if they take a time out for their family, that our society doesn't welcome fathers taking care of their children or that it is impossible to be occupationally successful and a caring father. Nevertheless you have a right to take a time out to care for your children (Elternzeit).


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