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Establishment of a parents-children-room

Since the 22nd July 2018, a parents-children-room is established on the 3rd floor of the old building of the KIT-library in room 32. It has a size of 34 m² and students with children can go there every day from 07.00 to 22.00 o' clock and learn while they are taking care of their child. If required, the security service can open up the room at 06.00 o'clock.

There are flexible work tables for parents with two monitors for presentations and a grid connection. There are also a table and chairs for children with children's books, mats for playing, a nappy under mat for children and a potty. Children can play on the carpet floor, that’s why you can lend some slippers there to keep the floor clean. Furthermore there is a nice sofa that can be used for breastfeeding. The toilet is just on the opposite.

Here’s how you can find the parents-children-room: Go from the 1st floor in the new building into the old building of the library. There you have to take the elevator and get off at the 3rd floor. When you leave the elevator, go left and go along the floor. At the end of the floor, there is the parents-children-room.

If you have questions about the equipment of the room, contact the AStA, E-Mail: vorsitz∂asta-kit.de
For general questions about the room, you can write an E-Mail to lernraum∂kit.edu.

To get to the official site of the parents-children-room on the website of the KIT library, click here.