audit family-friendly university

The KIT certified itself with the "audit family-friendly university" from 2010 to 2023

In August 2010, the KIT for the first time was awarded the “University Suitable for Families Audit / Work and Family Audit” certificate.

The certificates are awarded to universities and enterprises exercising a family-oriented personnel and student policy and designing the working environment for their employees, scientists and students so as to support the compatibility of family, work, and university studies.

In May 2014, the KIT was awarded the certificate for another three years. To meet the different needs of KIT employees and students, numerous stakeholders and participants in important areas of the KIT cooperated in the previous re-auditing process. Another catalog of targets and measures was developed. This was condensed into a set of targets agreed upon, which were signed by the Presidential Committee in February 2014.


Award of the "audit family-friendly university" certificate

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) carries the certificate "audit family-friendly university" for another three years thanks to its continuous and efficient work in the area of ​​the compatibility of family, study and work and is now allowed to use the audit logo permanently in internal and use outside. Ms. Sarah Wenz, Head of the Gender Equal Opportunities Office, took part in the virtual ceremony of berufundfamilie Service GmbH on June 22, 2021, at which all certificate recipients were honored after they had received the certificate in advance by post. Oliver Schmitz, Managing Director of berufundfamilie Service GmbH, presented a certificate to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs live in Berlin. In addition to 33 other universities, which were also awarded as certificate holders, numerous institutions and companies also received the award. In addition to the Federal Minister, Christine Lambrecht, John-Philip Hammersen, Managing Director of the non-profit Hertie Foundation, also conveyed his congratulations. A special highlight of the event was the keynote speaker Dr. Auma Obama, who also reflected on the successful work-life balance in the post-Corona period.

In 2021, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs received the “audit berufundfamilie” certificate for the sixth time. Christine Lambrecht announced in the course of the award: “I am delighted that my house has been awarded the berufundfamilie audit certificate again this year. In the corona pandemic in particular, it became clear that family-conscious companies were not only able to switch to crisis mode better and faster, but also had happier employees. [...] It is important that the framework conditions are negotiated in a spirit of partnership between mothers and fathers, employers and employees and between politics and business. ”With this, the Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth addresses the relevance of the compatibility of family and work the KIT would like to pursue further in the coming years - also during studies.

The “family-friendly university audit” or “work and family audit” serves to develop and implement a family-conscious university and personnel policy. The resulting practical and individual measures support the university strategy on the way into the future for optimal conditions in the interaction between family and studies and also of family in everyday professional university life. During the three-stage auditing process, numerous interest groups and participants from important areas of KIT have successfully participated in the re-auditing process for many years in order to meet the different needs of KIT employees and students. In the area of ​​responsibility of the “family-friendly university audit”, it was possible to develop flexible working time models, develop programs for returning to work after parental leave, and support for childcare, for example through school child and holiday care.

The fourth certification in a row is therefore not only an expression of a family-conscious work and study environment at KIT, but also an illustration of the sustainable goals and measures in the area of ​​the compatibility of family, studies and work.




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