"KinderUniversum" This children’s day care center was opened in September 2013 and offers another 115 places to children of KIT employees. Of these, 65 are day nursery places for infants between the ages of three months and three years, and 50 are kindergarden places for children between the age of 3 and school entry age.

"nanos!" at Campus North At the present time, this children’s day care center offers 50 places to children aged 0 – 6 years in the form of three day nursery groups and one kindergarten group.

"Schloss-Geister" The 5 nursery places for infants and the 5 kindergarden places are available primarily to newly appointed professors of special research areas and junior group leaders.

"Räuberkiste" at Campus South Since September 2010, KIT employees can make use of 10 places in a day nursery for infants and 20 kindergarden places at the "Räuberkiste" children’s day care center.