KIT has committed to adopting family-aware work and education policies to ensure compatibility of job and family for all employees. In line with the Gender Equal Opportunities Act of the State of Baden-Württemberg, KIT as an employer attaches high value to improving the work-life balance of employees with a family or staff caring for relatives and ensuring equal employment and career opportunities for women and men. On behalf of KIT, the Gender Equal Opportunities Commissioners are responsible for implementing gender equal opportunities as defined in the Federal Constitution (Article 3, par. 2). Moreover, they are responsible for enhancing occupational safety and health and increasing the staff’s awareness in handling conflicts at work, discrimination, mobbing, stalking, and sexual harassment.

KIT as an employer wishes to support working fathers and mothers in coping with their challenges and balancing job and family. The Family Portal of KIT provides all relevant information on this topic and encourages the employees to obtain more information. It offers a wide scope of advice on the job, studies, health, and care for relatives and also addresses international scientists who go abroad for research or return from abroad.

KIT offers several working time models, including teleworking or part-time work, to increase flexibility for a better compatibility of job and family.

To support expectant parents, KIT has developed special offers. Advice and information services are to accompany employees in times of pregnancy and after childbirth. Childcare services offered by KIT include a parent-child office, care for school children, and an emergency childcare program named “FlexiKids”.