learning space for parents and children

Students with a child are offered a parent-child learning space by KIT.

Since July 22, 2018, the parent-child learning space has been offered on the third floor of the old KIT Library building in room 32. The room covers an area of 34 m2 and is available to all students with a child on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. If needed, the security staff may be contacted to open the room at 6 a.m. already.

Apart from the working desks for the parents and flexible tables for group or single work, two wall monitors for presentations, a mains connection, a play corner with a child table, children books, mats, a diaper-changing table with a mat, and a potty can be found in the room. The child can play and crawl on the floor. Parents have to wear the home slippers/overshoes provided. The couch in this room can also be used for breast feeding. Toilets are located directly opposite the room.

How to get to the parent-child learning space: Enter the new building of the library and proceed to the old building. Take the elevator to the third floor. When leaving the elevator, turn left along the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you will find the parent-child learning space.



First contact partner for the equipment of the room is AStA, email: vorsitz∂asta-kit.de. If you have general questions, mail to lernraum∂kit.edu.

Click here for the official website of the parent-childlLearning space at the KIT library.