Since 2010, KIT has been awarded the certificate “audit familiengerechte Hochschule” (family-friendly university audit), which means that family-friendly human resources and education policies are adopted for employees and students. Having obtained this certificate, KIT is obliged to increasingly consider the needs of its staff’s and students’ families. Every three years, a target agreement is concluded for the implementation of family-friendly studies and work conditions.

Since 2014, KIT has been member of the association “Familie in der Hochschule e.V.” (family at the university). This association of universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland represents a network characterized by vast experience in the implementation of measures to enhance family friendliness of universities. Work is based on a “charter for balancing family tasks with study, academic education, research, and science-supporting activities at German universities” developed in cooperation with the Center for University Development. Having signed the charter, members are obliged to implement high standards of family friendliness. Measures are taken and further developed in the long term by the universities in their own responsibility.