seminars and workshops

Online lecture (EN): Resilience – Inner Strength in Challenging Times

December 14th, 2023, 11 a.m.

In this lecture, you will get an overview of the "seven pillars of inner strength" and initial impulses on how you can use the concept for yourself – and improve your resilience. Resilient people manage to return to a state of inner balance and well-being even in difficult situations. Click here to attend the lecture.

Online Workshop: Mindfulness in the Workplace

February 21st - October 2nd, 2024, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

This online workshop series takes place once a month from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and can be attended individually or as a seminar series. You can register here. You will receive the link from the speaker Ms. Werner (KMB) upon registration.

Newsletter of the Aktionsbüro Gesundheit rund um die Geburt

The newsletter of the Aktionsbüro Gesundheit rund um die Geburt in Niedersachsen informs quarterly about current events concerning pregnancy, birth and parenthood as well as about events in Niedersachsen relevant to the topic. The registration can be found here.

Offers for families with sons and daughters going through puberty

The city of Karlsruhe offers meetings for parents of pubescent teenagers, where they can exchange ideas with other parents about the challenges of parenting in a relaxed atmosphere. There are also two competent contact persons who will lead this group. Further information can be found here. Registration can be done either by phone at 0721/133-5111 or by mail kinderbuero∂karlsruhe de. 

Parents LAN: A series of media education events on digital games

Children and young people are enthusiastic about computer games. Adults are often perplexed by the fascination that certain digital game worlds arouse. It is not uncommon for conflicts to arise over gaming behavior in everyday family or school life. The aim of this event is to provide participants with insights into young people's media worlds and to facilitate an exchange of views on media education.

Further information and notes on the event can be found here

Kinderbüro ON AIR - Webinars of the Children’s Office Karlsruhe

The Children's Office offers Karlsruhe families online seminars, that cover topics from pregnancy to puberty and other exciting topics for parents in the current time. The webinars are a free offer. You can read more information here.

"Is this just a phase?" - Gender diversity in children and adolescents

Tuesday, June 13, 8:00 p.m., Kinderbüro on Air

What does the alphabet salad LSBTIQ* mean? What gender identities and sexual orientations are there? What different levels of gender can be distinguished? How can children and young people be adequately supported in their sexual and gender development? Is this all just a phase? And is being trans a trend now?

The participants have the opportunity to ask their questions and to exchange their own experiences. The event will also provide an insight into ZeSIA's work with children and young people. Further information on registration is available here.

"Crisis-proof families or family-friendly crisis policy?"

Monday, June 26th, 10:00 a.m., Hospitalhof, Stuttgart

What makes families strong, even in times of crisis? Do families need to become more crisis-proof or does crisis policy have to take better account of their special needs? What role do families play in overcoming crises and what helps them to get through future crises, but also society as a whole?

The event is aimed at those involved in family policy and those interested, pedagogical specialists, as well as specialists in counselling centres and family-oriented services. Further information on registration can be found here.

Crime scene cellphone

Tuesday, July 4th, 8:00 p.m., Kinderbüro on Air

What happens if my child sends nude pictures? Is it a crime if my child has nude photos on their phone even if they don't know about it? How can we empower children in dealing with pedophiles online? How can we properly explain?

The Kinderbüro on Air will answer these and many other questions here. The event is free of charge. Further information on registration is available here.

Smartphone for changing schools

Wednesday, July 5th, 7:00 p.m., Digitaler Elternabend Medienkompetenz Team

Unaccompanied smartphone use poses many risks for children. Under the motto "Accompanying kids on the smartphone with heart and mind", the Digitaler Elternabend Medienkompetenz Team gives tips and tricks for dealing with digital end devices in everyday family life. The event is free of charge. Further information on registration is available here.

The world of artificial intelligence - (for beginners)

Wednesday, July 12th, 7:00 p.m., Digitaler Elternabend Medienkompetenz Team

This event is aimed primarily at anyone who is curious and wants to learn more about artificial intelligence. The Digitaler Elternabend Medienkompetenz Team uses clear examples to show how AIs like ChatGPT work in practice and what opportunities, risks and limitations are associated with them. The event is free of charge. Further information on registration is available here.