seminars and workshops

Fachtag Familienbildung: Everything is new?! Family building in and after the pandemic

Studies highlight the negative effects of the long-lasting stress situation for children and families in connection with the corona pandemic. At the same time, crises always offer opportunities for further development and realignment. At this year's conference on parent and family education in Frankfurt am Main, the Paritätisches Bildungswerk invites you to reflect on the experiences of the pandemic together with experts and colleagues.

  • When: 13.-14.10.2022
  • Where: Frankfurt am Main

Further information and instructions for registration can be found here

Event "Compatibility put to the test: What potentials and perspectives arise for companies and employees as a result of the pandemic?"

At the event, Dr. Romy Escher and Gabrina Mätzke of FamilienForschung BW will present findings from the current GesellschaftsReport on the topic of "Reconcilability in the stress test - The effects of the Corona pandemic on gainful employment and role distribution in families". Have mothers reduced their working hours to a greater extent than fathers? Have fathers used the time to become more involved at home and do they intend to maintain this? Which family constellations were particularly challenged? Afterwards, company representatives will discuss the impact of the experiences of the last two years on compatibility policies in companies.

  • When: 12.07.2022, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
  • Where: online

More information can be found here. Registration can be found here.

Karlsruhe Parents' Day

The Children's Office and the vhs Karlsruhe are organizing this year's Parents' Day, which has the motto "Strong through life" - understanding brain development - promoting resilience. The event will begin with a lecture by neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Strüber, followed by workshops offering the opportunity for exchange. What is special and new about this Parents' Day are the different venues: at the Volkshochschule Karlsruhe, the lecture and workshops will take place in person, while in the various children's and family centers, you will be able to follow the lecture live and attend a face-to-face workshop. In the catholic family center Karlsruhe Nord- Ost/ Waldstadt there will be an additional translation into sign language.

  • When: 09.07.2022, 13:00-17:00 
  • Where: various locations

Further information and instructions for registration can be found here

Breastfeeding preparation for pregnant women

The midwife consultation of the Diakonisches Werk in Bruchsal offers pregnant women from the 28th week of pregnancy a morning on the topic of "breastfeeding preparation". 

  • When: 05.07.2022, 09:00 to 10:00
  • Where: Midwife consultation Bruchsal

Further information can be found here.

Newsletter of the Aktionsbüro Gesundheit rund um die Geburt

The newsletter of the Aktionsbüro Gesundheit rund um die Geburt in Niedersachsen informs quarterly about current events concerning pregnancy, birth and parenthood as well as about events in Niedersachsen relevant to the topic. The registration can be found here.

Offers for families with sons and daughters going through puberty

The city of Karlsruhe offers from 25.04.22 a meeting where parents of pubescent teenagers can exchange ideas with other parents about the challenges of parenting in a relaxed atmosphere. There are also two competent contact persons who will lead this group. Meetings will be held on six Mondays, from 7 to 9 p.m. each day. Further information can be found here. Registration can be done either by phone at 0721/133-5111 or by mail kinderbuero∂karlsruhe de. 

Parents LAN: A series of media education events on digital games

Children and young people are enthusiastic about computer games. Adults are often perplexed by the fascination that certain digital game worlds arouse. It is not uncommon for conflicts to arise over gaming behavior in everyday family or school life. The aim of this event is to provide participants with insights into young people's media worlds and to facilitate an exchange of views on media education.

Further information and notes on the event can be found here

Coaching Day: Work-Life Balance and Mindfulness

Work-life balance has become an important topic for employees and managers. The coaching day is about using resource- and solution-oriented individual coaching to strengthen one's own abilities to achieve a healthy balance of tension and relaxation and to put this into practice. 

Date for employees in administration and technology

  • When: 05.07.2022, 09:00- 10:30
  • Where: on site

Further information and registration instructions can be found here.

Date for managers 

  • When: 11.10.2022, 09:00- 10:30
  • Where: on site

Further information and instructions for registration can be found here.

Stress and pressure management in individual coaching

Everyday professional life is often characterized by constraints and pressure. One's own sensitivities and needs can then hardly be perceived and taken into account. This is the basis for the development of various physical, mental and social problems.
The aim of the event is to learn breath-therapeutic ways to direct the awareness to the inner processes.

  • When: 15.07.2022, 09:00-10:20
  • Where: on site

More information and registration instructions can be found here.

Lunchbag Sessions "Family at noon" new program for 2022

Also this year, the fathers' network conpadres organizes the "Lunchbag Sessions" with exciting presentations. More information about the content and registration can be found here.

Webinars of the Children’s Office Karlsruhe in times of corona

The Children's Office offers Karlsruhe families new online seminars after the summer break. The offer covers topics from pregnancy to puberty and other exciting topics for parents in the current time. The contents of the webinars can be read on the Children's Office's Facebook page. The webinars are a free offer. You can read more information here.

Re-entry advice from the employment agency

The employment agency Karlsruhe-Raststatt offers free consultations for people returning to work.