Welcome to the KIT Family Portal

The KIT, as an employer and a place of university studies, considers it its duty to look after the needs of its employees and students. Working fathers and mothers face the very special challenge of devoting equal attention to their work and to family life as well as to child care. Students who must simultaneously master the education of and care for their children have to make a tremendous effort. All this takes organizational skills, stamina, but also perseverance.

To provide our employees and students with all important information about the compatibility of studies, work, and family, we developed the Family Portal. This is where KIT staff members will find all information associated with family matters. Besides current developments in family-orientedness of the KIT, the Family Portal also shows how to find the right contact.


MyHealth study on studying under pandemic conditions

Take part in the online survey on the topic "Study under pandemic conditions" - the collected experiences will be used to further develop study conditions. The survey focuses on what experiences you have had under pandemic conditions - in your studies themselves, but also in terms of your social relationships, your health and mental and physical fitness.






Online seminar series "Study financing for students with children"

In June and July 2021, events of the online seminar series "Study Financing for Students with Children" of the Service Agency Family-Friendly Studies took place. The seminar series focused on special regulations for students with children as well as regulations on part-time studies and semesters off. For more information, see "SFS Infoportal".





Parental allowance | Law reform to come into force on 1 September 2021


On 29 January 2021, the Bundestag passed a reform of parental allowance with the "Second Act Amending the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act", which is to come into force on 1 September 2021. Parental allowance is to become more flexible, more partnership-based and simpler - through more part-time options and more parental allowance for premature babies. More detailed information on the "Second Act Amending the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act" and information on parental allowance in general can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Nationwide Read Aloud Day on November 19, 2021

Registration for the nationwide Reading Aloud Day under the motto "Friendship and Cohesion" has begun at www.vorlesetag.de. Further information on reading recommendations and the program can be accessed from September 2021.




Children's leisure bonus for needy families


Starting in August 2021, needy families and families with a low income will receive a one-time bonus of 100 euros for each minor child. For more information, please visit the homepage of the Family Fund.




Marginal time care: The well-being of children


The technical article "Children as actors in marginal time care" provides information about the well-being of children and also refers to the results of the research project "Well-being of children in flexibilized day care" of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, see "Children as actors in marginal time care".





Recommendations for children's use of media


The Reading Foundation provides three services for parents and professionals on how to deal with analog and digital media: "lesenmit.app", "Vorleseideen für die Kita und zu Hause", and "#medienvielfalt". Learn more about the services under "Early Opportunities".



Free lunchboxes for students with children


All students with children can pick up a free lunchbox at the Equal Opportunitiies Office by appointment. Find more information here




Current daycare in the federal states


Daycare centers have reopened under pandemic conditions in all states. The openings are linked to the 7-day incidence. If the local incidence values are between 100 and 165, this would result in restricted regular operation. If the incidence is 165 for three consecutive days, emergency daycare will go into effect. For the German Student Union's weekly updated overview of daycare, see "Studying with a Child in Times of Covid-19".





Covid infections at Kitas | Kita Study Quarterly Report II/ 2021


The quarterly report informs about the current situation of day care centers and about the infectivity of the alpha variant in day care centers under "4th Quarterly Report II".





Digital offerings for more exercise


At the impulse conference of the German Sports Youth (Deutschen Sportjugend, dsj) on July 2, 2021, different approaches, such as digital offers and apps, were presented for more movement and variety in the everyday life of children. Information on the offers can be found at "Jugendhilfeportal".

June 1, 2017 | IScO’s International BBQ & Regulars’ Table

At 6.00 p.m. at the KIT International Guesthouse near Mühlburger Tor  in Karlsruhe. You will have the opportunity to meet other international researchers, PhD students, scholarship holders.  Please register by May 31. More information