Welcome to the KIT Family Portal

The KIT, as an employer and a place of university studies, considers it its duty to look after the needs of its employees and students. Working fathers and mothers face the very special challenge of devoting equal attention to their work and to family life as well as to child care. Students who must simultaneously master the education of and care for their children have to make a tremendous effort. All this takes organizational skills, stamina, but also perseverance.

To provide our employees and students with all important information about the compatibility of studies, work, and family, we developed the Family Portal. This is where KIT staff members will find all information associated with family matters. Besides current developments in family-orientedness of the KIT, the Family Portal also shows how to find the right contact.


Newsletter "Family at KIT" | current issue "1/2022"

This year's issue of the newsletter "Family at KIT" informs about events and news with the topic of compatibility of family, studies and job at KIT. The PDF file can be downloaded under "Issue 01-2022".




Invitation to the Round Table "Studying with a Child at KIT"


The concerns and wishes of you, the students with child(ren), are very important to us, which is why various actors regularly meet at the round table "Studying with a child at KIT". We would like to get in touch with you and find out what concerns you, what you would like support with or which events and offers interest you. If you would like to take part, please contact Sarah Wenz, Head of the Equal Opportunities Office, by e-mail at sarah.wenz@kit.edu. We look forward to your participation!



Parents in puberty - parent discussion group from February 27, 2023


Starting February 27, 2023, there will be an opportunity for parents of pubescents to exchange ideas with other parents in a relaxed atmosphere, to get information, guidance and support, and to bring in questions, concerns and problems. Two female specialists are available as competent contact persons and lead the fixed group. More information can be found on the website of the City of Karlsruhe, Department of Counseling and Prevention in the folder "Pubertät".




Podcast "It all comes down to the first years!"

From the beginning of 2023, a monthly podcast on topics of early childhood education and development will again appear on nifbe.de. Talks with experts from practice and science will provide information about current and pedagogical topics related to early childhood education and care - from settling in to children's rights and participation in the daycare center to dealing with challenging children.

Information on "Financing studies with a child"

The SFS flyer "Financing studies with a child" (only in German) provides an overview of essential financial support services that student parents can access depending on their situation.




Reopening of the parent-child learning room | KIT library


The "parent-child learning room" on the 3rd floor of the KIT library is open again - access is regulated by "reservation" (the key to the room can be borrowed from the information desk (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)).
More information at https://www.bibliothek.kit.edu/english/parent-child-room.php.




Marginal time care: The well-being of children


The technical article "Children as actors in marginal time care" provides information about the well-being of children and also refers to the results of the research project "Well-being of children in flexibilized day care" of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, see "Children as actors in marginal time care".




Recommendations for children's use of media


The Reading Foundation provides three services for parents and professionals on how to deal with analog and digital media: "lesenmit.app", "Vorleseideen für die Kita und zu Hause", and "#medienvielfalt". Learn more about the services under "Early Opportunities".




Equal Care Day conference on March 1, 2023

Digital and on-site participation in the Equal Care Day conference is possible on March 01. Presentations, panel discussions and workshops support the goal of demanding and enforcing greater visibility, appreciation and a fair distribution of care work. For the program and more information, visit equalcareday.de.

Diaper changing table in the KIT library


A folding changing table is now available in the disabled toilet in the basement of the KIT South Library. The key to the toilet is issued via the information desk on the ground floor. More information at Ein weiterer Schritt zu mehr Familienfreundlichkeit in der KIT-Bibliothek (only in german).



Free lunchboxes for students with children


All students with children can pick up a free lunchbox at the Equal Opportunitiies Office by appointment. Find more information here




"Kinderbüro ON AIR" | Dates 2022/23


The format "Kinderbüro ON AIR" of the Children's Office of the City of Karlsruhe starts into a new season. In regular online events, competent speakers guide you through topics related to raising children, family life and youth protection. The offer is free of charge. Further information and notes on registration and the programme can be found on the website of the Children's Office under "News".




Final report of the Corona-KiTa-Study


The Corona-KiTa-Study of the Robert Koch Institute and the German Youth Institute accompanied children, families and daycare centers throughout Germany during the first two and a half years of the pandemic to observe the role of daycare children and the daycare system in Germany in the pandemic and the consequences of the pandemic for children, families and daycare centers. The final report of the Corona-KiTa-Study can be found here.