Societal change requires to reconsider the role of fathers in balancing family and job. Fathers (family fathers, single fathers, or fathers separated from the partner and child) move into the focus and are supported actively. KIT as an employer and a location of studies feels responsible for addressing this requirement. It is particularly important to encourage fathers to assume an active role and to sensitize the staff in this respect.


"You decide masculinity" campaign

What do images of masculinity have to do with violence against women? The Landesverband Frauenberatung Schleswig-Holstein (LFSH) e.V. talked about this question with men from the region. The campaign "Männlichkeit entscheidest Du" (You decide masculinity) emerged from the conversations. Current contributions to the campaign can be accessed on the blog "ab-jetzt.org".


Table Topics: Violence against Men

The Federal Forum Men advocates the nationwide establishment and expansion of help facilities and counseling centers for men. The inhibition threshold among men affected by intimate partner violence is particularly high - which is why the Federal Forum for Men would like to further strengthen the offer of counseling for perpetrators and violence prevention services and establish them nationwide. The online platform männerberatungsnetz.de shows boys, men and fathers seeking help the existing offers of men's counseling and offers networking opportunities.


Men's Violence Protection | Counseling and Protection for Victims

Are you under psychological pressure at home, experiencing physical violence? In spring 2020, Germany's first men's help hotline went into operation - those affected can use the hotline to get in touch with the counseling center. The current nine Männer*schutzeinrichtungen (men's protection facilities) offer counseling services as well as anonymous protective housing for men who are particularly severely affected - you can find more information at maennergewaltschutz.de.