association "family in university"

Family at the University registered association

The KIT is a member of the “Family at the University registered association” where universities handle projects in the interest of more family orientation

The successful association of universities in the “Family at the University registered association” is a unique network of universities created in 2008 which is characterized by a nationwide dialog and activities pursued in a spirit of partnership among equals. All member universities have a record of many years of initiation and implementation of measures making universities more family orientated. Together with the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE), this initiative has worked out a charter bearing the same title on the subject of compatibility of family duties with study courses, teaching, research, and activities supporting science at German universities.

A family-oriented profile can add to the attractiveness of universities to students, employees, teachers, and researchers. The right framework helps students to find more acceptance in their study courses and thus contributes greatly to a successful university career. At the same time, creating a family-oriented working environment helps reach the strategic objective of being a university attractive to young scientists.

Under the address you will find the revised website of the association Familie in der Hochschule e.V.. (FidH).

In 2019, Sarah Wenz represented the KIT at the annual meeting. Here you can watch the aftermovie of the event.

"The current Corona situation shows the pressure that many of the staff and students at our universities are under. Women in particular continue to do most of the care work and are currently increasingly reaching their breaking point due to closed daycare centres and schools, for example."

Sarah Wenz, Director of Familie in der Hochschule e.V., on the results of the analysis "The path to a family-oriented university - lessons learned from the Corona pandemic" (2021).

Charter & Declaration of Accession

Also the KIT has meanwhile signed the Charter, thus committing itself to consider the standards of the Charter in its management instruments as well as in the development of organization and personnel. Details about the signing of the Charter at the KIT can be read up here.

The Charter and the statement of accession by the KIT can be found here: 

Family at University charter 

declaration of accession