Newsletter "Family at KIT"

Issues relating to the compatibility of work and family affect almost every KIT member at some point. This can involve caring for a loved one, the partner's illness, looking after one's own children or grandchildren or a variety of other issues. We have summarized relevant information and current developments for you in our "Family at KIT" newsletter. In addition, we point out future events and also provide information about the content of past events and thus offer you the opportunity to participate in them, even if you were not able to be there.


We are pleased to be able to present you the current issue "1/2022":


We hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any suggestions or there are topics that, in your opinion, should definitely be included in the next issue, please contact Sarah Wenz: sarah wenz∂kit edu

If you are looking for information on specific topics such as childcare, work-life balance, etc., you will find this bundled here in the family portal.


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