fun and games

Alternatives during corona time

Unfortunately events can’t be offered during the time of corona but here you will find some ideas to employ your children at home. 

Apps for promoting language and reading skills is an initiative organized by the Stiftung Lesen and financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. As an edcucational initiative offers apps for promoting language and reading skills of children. The wide range of offers is suitable for children from the age 2 up to children in primary school. The apps can be used in nursery schools as well as in primary schools and from parents at home.  

Picturebook for small children about corona

Here you can download a free picturebook for small children that is created by Ursula Leitl to help children to understand the current situation. 

Search engine "Blinde Kuh" 

This search engine offers children exciting articles, study-possibilities and creativ ideas. Here you can find it. 

Children’s magazine „Geolino“

Here you can find the latest news for your children as well as creative ideas, recipes and much more.

Children’s media library of the ZDF

On ZDFtivi you can discover some exciting documentations, children’s programmes and movies.

Support options on the Website of Didacta

Here you will find some ideas and worksheets to support your children at home. 

Stiftung Lesen

Also the Stiftung Lesen offers you an online service. Click here for more information.


Together playing and moving! The Kinderturnstiftung Baden-Württemberg designed an App, that gives creative suggestions for the everyday movement (especially for families, educational staff or teachers).


The MekoKitaService provides free offers for early media education in nursery group and primary school. The materials and methods give practical ideas and creative suggestions fort he implementation of media education. 

Sustainability at nursery gorup

Digital medias can help to a responsible and sustainable interaction with the fellow human beings and the resources. Here you can find some App-recommendations for a careful treatment of nature, human and environment.

Concert "UNDER MY BED" for all age groups

The Substage Karlsruhe presents a concert experience for all age groups. The UMB-live band will play their songs from the Oetingers on 21.02.2021 at 3 pm.