parents-plus-child office

Problems can arise even in a well-organized child care system when the childminder has fallen ill, the day nursery is closed, and grandparents are unable to help. Pregnant women often have no privacy at their workplace, and mothers do not know where they can nurse their child undisturbed. The KIT does not leave its employees alone with these problems, but offers them support. After all, no man or woman should be compelled to decide between a family and career at the KIT. The parents-plus-child office (Building 226 on the KIT Campus North) offers all KIT employees the possibility to bring their child / children along to work in case of temporary care problems.


Who is able to use the parents-plus-child office?

All KIT employees

- with child / children in need of care for temporary emergencies,

- wanting to have phases of rest during pregnancy,

- who are nursing mothers seeking privacy with their baby.


What kind of equipment is available?

- desk with PC, telephone and internet access.

- baby’s changing table, children’s bed, toys, and outside sandbox.

- coffeemaker, water cooker and bottle heater are made available on request.

- meeting room for up to eight persons next door.


How can I book when interested?

Please call Mrs. Biserka Mathes: 0721 608 28128

More information can be found in the parents-plus-child office - flyer.

Here you can see a short animated sequence about the parens-plus-child office.