audit family-friendly university

University suitable for families

In August 2010, the KIT for the first time was awarded the “University Suitable for Families Audit / Work and Family Audit” certificate.

The certificates are awarded to universities and enterprises exercising a family-oriented personnel and student policy and designing the working environment for their employees, scientists and students so as to support the compatibility of family, work, and university studies.

In May 2014, the KIT was awarded the certificate for another three years. To meet the different needs of KIT employees and students, numerous stakeholders and participants in important areas of the KIT cooperated in the previous re-auditing process. Another catalog of targets and measures was developed. This was condensed into a set of targets agreed upon, which were signed by the Presidential Committee in February 2014.

Currently the KIT is certified for the third time until September 2020 and continues supporting families and different life concepts.

At the moment, KIT will be awarded for the fourth time and continues supporting the compatibility of family, work and university studies